Thursday, August 28, 2014

Mrs. Trabilsy - 6th Grade Teacher

Like every teacher, I have hopes and dreams for my students. In the wake of watching the Jackie Robinson Little League baseball team make it to the Little League World Series, I think about all they did to accomplish their hopes and dreams...hard work, perseverance, and team work. 

 For every student that walks into my classroom this year, I have the hope and dream that they will walk out in June as people who are strong, confident, compassionate, and who will work with others toward a common goal. It is my job to give them the skills they need to become these young adults that we will send on to a new school at the end of the year. 

We have already begun the process in 6th grade. Yesterday we took the Golf Ball Challenge. Students were challenged to work together in a group of four to get a golf ball into a plastic cup. With four strings attached to a washer, they had to move across the playground with a golf ball balanced on that washer. Then they needed to place that ball in a plastic cup...did I mention they can’t touch the golf ball at all? I heard awesome planning and interesting strategies discussed between the team members as they were accomplishing this very difficult task. 

 We are well on our way to the hopes and dreams I have for my students this year. It will be wonderful to watch them grow into the young adults I know they can be. Here's to a great school year and to hopes and dreams.

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